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Missing Order

I placed my order on August 27th for voice-over work but even though I have payment confirmation and the money was taken from my account, the seller never received the order. I have submitted two (2) request already and still NOTHING! this is so frustrating. Waiting, waiting waiting!! SO WHAT HAPPENS NOW? 9 DAYS AND NO RESOLUTION…

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration. Unfortunately, the forums aren’t customer support. We can only offer suggestions.

Couple questions.

Did you pay with a credit/debit card? Confirmation sometimes causes delays…but not usually 9 days, especially since you’re in the US. Still, that’s a possibility.

Do YOU see an order for this on your My Orders page? I’m guessing no, but just checking. If you have an order number (#FO…) it might help support find it.

Ask the seller to check his or her Orders page, and to check all order statuses from the drop-down menu (such as Active, Missing Details, etc.). I’ve had orders show up there because the buyer didn’t answer the Buyer Instructions. Speaking of which, did you have instructions when you placed the order? Just guessing, but it might say something like, “Please send the script and any special voice instructions you have”. If you don’t respond to instructions, even if you already firmed up details with the seller before ordering, your order will not be activated.

If you still can’t find the order, and neither can the seller, I would ask the seller to file a report with Customer Support as well. I had something similar happen to me, and both my customer and I filed reports, and kept messaging CS about the status of our reports. It ended up being a problem with the buyer’s Paypal account ( he started using a different email but didn’t update, or something like that). Although it didn’t take 9 or more days, it still took a week to figure it out and create the order.

Good luck~