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Missing payments

I dont know what to do here ive tried to transfer my earnings directly into my account… the money went and it said i would receive an email completing the transaction but the it says the transaction is already completed and i haven’t had the money or an email through… please someone help. it was quite a considerable amount of money that i worked hard for and I’ve been spaming the refresh button on my email for the last few hours


@oliverfeccichif Don’t worry some times it may take a whole day, just wait for the confirmation email.


Where you transfer PayPal account or payonner

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I do not know if you transferred to PayPal or Payoneer but I have been having issues with Payoneer recently. Usually the money arrives to my bank in 2 business days, but the last transaction took 10 days (and I had to contact Payoneer to them resend it), now I’ve been waiting for the 6th day and still haven’t received the amount. Yesterday I contacted Payoneer CS and they told me they are investigating it. I wonder what’s wrong!

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Did you do with PayPal via mobile?

It is super buggy for me. I can only do this with the desktop version.

If I am on my phone, I set my browser to desktop and do everything there. If I need a link, I copy and paste the URL into my.browser, so it won’t open in the mobile site or app.