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Missing Revenues from my account


Hi Everyone,

I need peoples advice on this,

I had quite a few orders last month (More than i usually get anyway)

Now i have had the about 16 orders that have reached the end of their clearing process plus the 72 hours that Fiverr claims that can take for it show on all their servers and still i am yet to receive the funds to my account, Fiverr is claiming that the funds are non-existent, i am seeing things and that all my previous funds have balanced but however usually when your revenue clears it produces a “Funds Cleared” Message on the Revenues page, These funds however never produced a “Funds Cleared” Message or reflected to my account. Please see the screenshot attached and give me your advice.

Can anyone please help me understand or is their any moderators here that are able to pass this on to a higher level in Fiverr? as all i get from the Technical and Billing support people is a generic response of i must wait 72 hours…

This is rather frustrating…