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Missing reviews


I have purchased a number of gigs from Fiverr and recently purchased an expensive web gig due in part to the perfect 5 star reviews for the developer. Turns out she was both indifferent to the job an incapable of doing the work. A 4 day gig turned into weeks and I eventually gave up and had to hire someone else. I left a fairly accurate review of the designer but it has yet to post.

I’ve written Fiverr multiple times and receive no reply. I have to assume that Fiverr simply won’t post less than perfect reviews for established sellers which, again I have to assume, means they’re ok with customers being taken advantage of. There’s no outside moderator, noone but Fiverr ultimately has control the reviews.

Has anyone else taken on a lousy gig, reviewed it and never seen that review afterward? It’s not fair to the buyer and it puts us all in a difficult position of not trusting the site.


Did your previous seller complete the job then you approved it and left a review?
or did you cancel the order and then left a review?

If the it is the latter, then the review is only for fiverr to read, not for other buyers.


I approved it because I wanted to move on. The review I posted was the larger one that should have been visible to the public. I didn’t leave a 1-star across the board, I’m good about my relationships, but the work was 1-3 stars (depending on which aspect) in part because she agreed to work she was incapable of managing and should have simply declined the job from the outset. She added apps that could not work with the site, products were all built differently, margins between sections all over the place, section headers inconsistent, a whole mess of things that had to be gone over again and again and I got tired of resending the same instructions in hopes that she could do the work. So again I had to hire someone else, who turns out went on vacation shortly after taking the job. I’m not fired up about my developer experiences so far.


Unless the seller reviews their experience with you, it takes a while to appear (maybe 10 days before it appears if the seller doesn’t review).

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I am sorry this happened to you.

As long as the order was approved (and not canceled by you), your review will show up on the seller’s profile as soon as the seller leaves their own blind review.

If, however, the seller doesn’t post their own blind review within 10 days of order completion, the blind review left by the buyer will only appear on the seller’s profile 10 days after order completion. This is clearly mentioned in Fiverr’s ToS.


Hmn. This was about a month ago and so I have to assume it’ll never appear. Mostly I want to understand who I’m hiring and how buyers honestly considered their work. I don’t mind negative reviews so long as I understand them, but I do mind being mislead insofar as a negative review, or less than perfect review, isn’t posted. That’s not fair to the buyer. It’s not to say the seller did a bad job per se, but that perhaps they’re better at one thing than another, which is how we all are. I’d like to be in a position to hire someone based on objective reviews, not curated ones that makes Fiverr into something that it isn’t.


As long as the review was polite and honest and wasn’t against the terms of service it should have stayed. Maybe the review was flagged/reported for some reason and so got removed (assuming there was no technical error in posting it)?


Fiverr does not remove reviews unless there’s a serious TOS infraction that warrants it.


If you go to the order’s page, and scroll down, do you still see what you wrote as a review?


I know you mentioned:

But I just wanted to confirm if you’re indeed talking about the date of order completion and not the day the order was placed or the day the seller delivered the order.

May I know how long ago was the order approved? If the order was approved less than 10 days ago, you might have to wait until the 10 days are up.


Yes, full month since completion and review. I was honest, full sentences, complete breakdown and positive about her skills when it was appropriate. I know how this goes, I make a living off similar reviews, but then again I paid for something she was unable to deliver. That’s the whole point of reviews, being able to make an accurate assessment before purchasing, yes?


Absolutely, and in all the cases I’ve seen Fiverr sticks to this. How long did you wait between messages to Customer Service? If you sent them in quick succession, you may have gotten yourself intentionally ignored.

I’m not sure what’s going on in this situation, but I don’t know if there’s anything we can do to help you.


I waited about a 7-10 days between initial email to Fiverr. No reply. Now, again, my current developer went on vacation for 2 weeks shortly after we started and isn’t checking messages. Do I put that in a review? Do I hire someone else, either a 3rd Fiverr developer or go local, pay more, and have some sense that things will be done right? This is frustrating, all of it.


Sorry you’ve had such a poor experience, both with sellers and with CS. Personally, I’d wait on the current seller for a bit before making my next move. I appreciate you giving it a second chance here but understand your frustration.


Thanks, yes, I’m going to wait. He has the skills, I like his work up to this point and outside of the sudden vacation we have a good working relationship, so expect him to wrap it up shortly after he gets back.