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Missing screen detail and messages not being sent


Hi, I’m a new fiverr user (buyer) and I’m having issues with the appearance of the massaging screens and messaging functionality. I can only see a very small portion of the message thread, with the bulk of the message window being blank (some detail of the seller, to the left of the message window is also truncated). I can only see a couple of lines of the message thread at the very bottom of the window, making scrolling through a thread very frustrating.
Additionally, when I respond to a message from a seller and send that, the message does not appear in the message thread. So I have no certainty that the message I have sent has got through to the seller.
As fiverr is web-based, I can’t imagine that these issues are caused by some setting o other on my Mac. Am I alone in thinking that there is something wrong with the web interface and messaging component of the service?
Thanks for any assistance pointing out what I am doing wrong, which is the most likely problem!