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Missing search bar in my fiverr account


Hello Guys,
I am a new fiverr seller. I am a WordPress expert. But after few days of making the account, I am missing the search bar.

Any help will be great !



You have to logout first to see search bar. Because you are a new user. You 'll have to fullfill the fiverr criteria, meaning there by

  • to reach $400 earning range
  • to reach 30 days without warning
  • to reach 10/10 order
  • to reach 60 days seniority
    Than you’ ll be enable to see search bar and more features.


What you are describing has nothing to do with the search bar which is at the top of the Fiverr main page.

@go_robbani can you supply a screenshot to show what your problem is.


wow @bilalsheikhofc
it’s really helpful for me

Thanks bro


You are welcome. Just spend more time and do more work on Fiverr.


The information you gave has nothing to do with finding the search bar.


He is a new user. Moreover I am not viewing that searchbar too while Logged into Fiverr. You are a senior user, so you have more options and features. Kindly assist me too what is actually going on


Maybe you can supply a screenshot showing the problem. It is at the top of the Fiverr main page and visible to everyone.

Think maybe you need to “Switch to Buying” at the top of the page.


lloydsolutions gave the correct answer. Switch to buying.


Rightly said. I have also checked this out, I just switched to ‘as buyer’, and saw search bar. ‘Iloydsolutions’ thanks.