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Missing Upload Button in Order Delivery?

Unless I’m going utterly bonkers, there’s a bug here. Haven’t memorized this popup but methinks the upload work button is missing. Can anyone confirm my sanity?


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it already happened a lot with me.

just refresh the page, or try cleaning the caches and cookies of your browser.

Also, fiver is developed for Google Chrome. If you are not using this, I highly recommend to download and use this

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it already happened a lot with me.

This error is blamed for your browser error.
Restart your browser from your startup to your cache and cookies
You can find more information on how to get here:
Mac Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

That is indeed a browser issue. I have found reloading the page a few times will clear it up.

If you do not reload your page, you can contact customer support

Yep, everyone was right. A bit of reloading cleared it right up.

Thanks for the help!