Mistake of fiverr


i entered my account and i saw this massage : " You may not refer users to sites other than Fiverr.com.

The Fiverr marketplace is aimed at connecting buyers and sellers using our platform and not for advertising external services. All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within Fiverr. " AND i accepted fiverr rules i never accept direct payments why this is showing ?


I am only speculating here, but I am fairly certain Fiverr does not want you to link to any website outside of Fiverr. This could include you linking to your website, your portfolio, a video, etc.

If I am wrong, someone correct me here. But every so often, it seems Fiverr scans our correspondence with buyers looking for any ToS violations.

For instance, I got a similar message once after I gave my email address to a buyer.


Hi, in your situation it seems that you have been given a notice. Your correspondence with buyers may had been reviewed and the Administrators have understood that you have violated the " Terms of service" .

I personally think that you are not actually in critical situation where you risk the ban. Once again, this is just a notice but try to follow the rules and everything will go be Okay.

To know more about the rules, please refer to this page;