Mistake-orders : are they worth a 'try'?


So to explain the situation well enough: I had a really busy summer, working 12 hours a day (at the beach, too) and it took me a looooooong time to realize I couldn’t write on the side of it, resulting in a fair share of cancellations and late orders. Things took forever to calm down, but I’m finally back properly and…
I.keep.getting.orders. for things I do not do! So first of all, someone wanted me to professionally edit their book. I do not edit or format books, and I have no gigs for it. (to be fair, they found a gig I made for a laugh, I didn’t expect people to actually order from it but, eh.) I explained, and we managed to work it out (I’m writing for them at the moment), as they had already placed an order while I was at work (yeah, I still do have another job it’s just less time-consuming) and then someone asked me to draw. I did think of humoring them, but… So apparently, ‘write up the outline of your book’ or something along these lines means that I’m an artist? I’m mostly just worried if fiverr’s drunk - since I’m sure that buyers just click on these things if they come up, or whatever, but… I was really glad I didn’t need to draw anything because I’m really bad at it, so…
However, as it’s a Saturday and I’m bored out of my mind while listening to kpop (and writing, not a good combo I know), I want to ask one thing: what are your funny stories in this ‘field’? Have you ever gotten any ‘mistake’ orders?


I had a client with a legal marijuana company who placed an order for my marketing consultation gig along with extras which came to $250. Somehow, they managed to place the order 4 times and did not give any info other than “I have a legal marijuana company” and a phone number on each order.

After 2 weeks of trying to contact them, I asked CS to try contact them and the number was wrong… I gave CS the go-ahead to cancel the orders - $1000 in total :sob::sob:

Still, I learned a valuable lesson which was that despite what Fiverr ads suggest, Fiverr and weed are not a good mix. Hopefully the client will come back when he gets those Doritos he needed so badly.


I do wonder what they were smoking when putting four orders lol. I hope you’ll find out at one point (or get the original order :D)


I’m pretty sure I’ve had the same client but I stopped them at the messaging phase when indeed, all they could say was that they had a legal marijuana company,

I got as far as them being able to tell me that they wanted to focus on their delivery listings but they couldn’t tell me where they delivered, how they deliver, who actually lists on their site. It boggles the mind how people like this think. - Possibly they’d been smoking?


This reminds me of Biggie Smalls’ Ten Crack Commandments

No 4 - I know you’ve heard this before, never get high on your own supply


My client never messaged first despite the size of the order(s) which is quite unusual in itself, I didn’t have a chance to weed him out.

Getting shit done vs doing shit was only ever gonna have one winner.


I regularly have gotten, for years, requests that I cast a spell to make a man’s sister- in- law lust uncontrollably for him. It happens every few months. It’s always from the same two countries so I don’t know if it’s the same person with many accounts, or this is some kind of trend in that part of the world, but the requests sound very desperate.


Smells like the same person doing it all the time, tbh. I would do it for the heck of it (money’s money) but it’s quite strange for sure. My favorite was still the lady who wanted me to blow balloons in videos (best almost order ever?) when it comes to curious stuff, but yours wins this round I think :smiley: