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Mistaken delivery

HI, i just sent wrong delivery of some other project mistakenly to some other buyer.
Buyer told me to cancel the order and i as seller can re-order.

I would like to get your suggestions and help that my profile reputation remains same. Looking forward to hear from you soon.


buyer stated the issue is:
I didn’t receive what I ordered

I am cancelling this order as you sent me a file meant for someone else. Please resend me a new custom order.

seller would like to cancel this order.
You need to respond within the next 2 days,
or the order will be automatically canceled.

iam getting [Decline] [ Accept] buttons
what to do??

Many Thanks

Decline. Then “Deliver Again” and send the correct files. That’s it


Tell him that I have your files ready and no need to cancel this order and create new one. I can send you correct files and deliver my work again!


it will take almost 7 days to complete his order.

To be honest, from a buyer’s point of view, I wouldn’t be re-ordering from you if you can’t send the right files to the right buyer. Data protection, privacy etc. etc. Your other buyers might also not be very pleased that you may have sent their files, information etc. to a total stranger by mistake.

I know none of us are perfect, but to make a basic mistake like this isn’t on when you’re working on a platform like this.

I’d accept the cancellation request and vow to be more careful in the future if I were you.


Accept the cancellation immediately! That’s a terrible mistake. And apologize!

So you didn’t even do his order yet at all? Give the poor guy back his money.

And learn how selling on fiverr works.

After you get an order you promptly do the work and deliver it. If you can’t manage to do that you need to close your account. It was not a mistaken delivery. It was no delivery and a trick to cover up that you didn’t bother to do the job.


i was working on his order and about to deliver it on time. i was reading the requirements from order page, multiple tabs were opened on my browsers , and mistakenly i delivered someone’s other order to him.

Wait, which one is it?


Have you completed work for this buyer and just sent the wrong file(s), or do you have to start working now and it will take you 7 days to do the required work?


Thanks, i like the answer.