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Mistaken Rating!

There was a mixup of provider names and the wrong provider of my work got a “1” rating by me, whereas it should have been a “5”. What can I do to fix the situation as soon as possible?

When you submit a rating, you can change it until about 5 days after, by going to the order page.

I don’t know, maybe the duration varies, but from my experience, once you have already submitted a review/rating/feedback, you can edit it only until about 5 days and then the “edit feedback” button disappears.

If you haven’t submitted a rating at all for an order, however, you can submit one until about 30 days from the time of receiving the order.

Reply to @kjblynx: Well, I don’t see an option to change my review on a 6-day old order, but I do see the edit option for an order from yesterday. So I don’t know, really, maybe it varies and there’s no set duration?