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Mistaken Review by Client, Support Won't Help

Has anyone actually had a positive experience with support here?

They always take the buyers side, even in the face of blackmail and extortion and as sellers we are ALWAYS punished.

My client gave me a poor review, and when I politely asked for feedback he said it was done by someone else and was a mistake. Support said that I couldn’t appeal because it doesn’t “contain violations of our Guidelines”

So now after several years of Perfect 5 Star ratings, I have a 4.9 because of an accident that Fiverr refuses to remedy, despite the client admitting it was a mistake.

My question is, do we just allow ourselves to be extorted and bullied by clients out of fear of negative reviews? This same client underrepresented their word count in the order for my gig by half and tried to get away with not paying enough, I politely pointed that out and offered the gig extra and he bought it but then this happened. Up until now I have always been too scared to correct clients when they try to rip me off for this exact reason, and when I finally stand up for myself this happens and Fiverr does absolutely nothing to protect me or help remedy the situation. All while cashing in on 20% of my earnings.

I am only posting here because everytime I have a problem with Fiverr they tell me to post here because sometimes they check these forums and make policy changes on it. So if you want Fiverr to actually protect the people they earn money off of, because they don’t earn their millions from 2$ surcharges per order, it is off our backs, please let them know. Enough is enough.


You mean the 4 star review that says “Thanks for the voice over”? If so I’d just leave it. Don’t ask for feedback from them about it as that could get you a warning. Also the 4.9 avg (last 60 days) will only be showing on your dashboard, your all time stats is what buyers see and that still shows 5 avg.


I am not sure how you were bullied or extorted if the buyer said it was a mistake and someone else on the team or whatever rated you?

Unfortunately, ratings once posted, cannot be changed, unless, like CS said, they violate the rules some way. (Swearing, doxxing etc)

While it is annoying to go from a perfect 5* rating to a 4.9*, it is not the end of the world.

And, yes, I have had good experiences with CS. I have also had times when I did not get what I desired. That is life.

I would also avoid in the future messaging clients about reviews, that could get you into hot water with Fiverr as they see it as a way to manipulate the review system. What you can and should do, is respond to their poor review with your side of things - but, only in a factual, logical and cool-headed way. How you reply to negative reviews reflects more on you than a buyer who mistreated you.



I am referring to other experiences with bullying and extortion. When contacting fiverr for help and they cancel it, which then lowers my completion rate and I notice a significant dip in my sales and analytics.

In regards to my side, you don’t see the review until you have left yours. I saw nothing wrong with our order, I was friendly and polite and hard working. I gave him an extra review for free and he never gave any outward indication that he angry about having to pay the actual cost of the gig. So I already left a review saying how great the experience was…

Why would some one access someone’s fiverr account and leave reviews to a seller with whom he/she has not worked ?
I think it wasn’t someone else but the buyer it self, May be he couldn’t admit it when you asked !

Fiverr has a policy not to discuss review…positive or negative, but you did !Consider your self luck they did not through a warning., You could be in trouble !
So always leave the reviews as they are and move on with the next order…
4 Stars are not poor :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, I have had 15 of tickets with fiverr and I was never disappointing with the CS !
Some time they took time but always came up with solution !


They must hate me then, because I have had over 50 in the past 4 years and it has never ended with an actual resolution. Always ends with the equivalent of “This is our policy… sorry… nothing we can do… we understand how frustrating…” but they never actually do anything to help remedy the situation.

I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve lost in the past because I’ve been too nervous to stand up to rip-off buyers. CS have always been very friendly but mostly side with buyers, especially with unjustified cancellations, and often refuse to help with drops in stats that are unfair and no real fault of the seller. On the other hand, I’ve read posts from sellers who have experienced similar issues and had no problem at all getting the right support from CS. There doesn’t seem to be much consistency. My solution is to let it go and be thankful that Fiverr isn’t my only source of income.


Or may be you are opening tickets about issues which are actually not fitting their policies !!

I strongly recommend to leave it be. Why?

Look what I got for a customer that went to customer support to remedy this. And remember I didn’t even talk with customer support and never talked with my customer about him changing the review. I just asked what was wrong, like you did.


Thank you for replying! This is identical to my experience, I feel I’ve never asked for anything that wasn’t completely logical and justified but they make me feel like I’m being unreasonable for asking to not be punished for the actions of someone else. I am happy this isn’t your only source of income, but sadly I lost my job due to the pandemic last year and this is the only thing keeping food in my mouth and a roof over my head… so it is a big deal when something like this happens.

I only had positive experience with support, so far.

Sub 5-star reviews are annoying to say the least. I can still personally recall each order that gave me less than 5 stars. In your case, with over 600 reviews and having accumulated less than even a handful of <5 star reviews, they are a tiny and unavoidable blip and shouldn’t be obsessed over, and definitely isn’t risking a permanent warning over by asking for feedback!

As for Fiverr CS, I’ve only had very limited occasions that required their intervention (thankfully), but have had good personal experiences with the outcomes. The CS experience seems to vary widely from user to user. :thinking: