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Mistakenly my buyer gave me 4.3 feedback what can I do?

My buyer is a new buyer in Fiverr and he does not know much about Fiverr’s rating system. He gave me 4.3 and it was my first order in Fiverr and I am unable to send any buyer request now. But he commented “Efficient and Nice work”
I am also new at Fiverr.
What can I do ?


I suggest you do nothing. Just accept it and go on.


There is no way of changing it.

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As others have mentioned, avoid doing anything. If you contact CS or discuss it with the buyer, you risk getting a warning for “feedback manipulation”. Just leave it alone, deliver outstanding work in future orders, and try to mitigate this damage.


That’s not an uncommon scenario. Many new buyers are unaware of how reviews are weighed and might think 4 stars is a fantastic review.

Also, it might not have been a mistake and actually is their true analysis of the order.

As mentioned by others, just leave it alone set your focus on your next order.


This is a common thing. Most new buyers do not have enough knowledge about reviews. They don’t realize how important a good review is to a seller. He thought 4 Star was a very good review. Now you can’t send buyer requests because of low ratings. Now you should be active on Fiber regularly and share gigs on social media. Best of luck.

And? Why do you think its mistakenly? Did you consider that he was indeed not absolutely satisfied with your service? In which category did he put less stars for you: communication? Service as described?

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Hey Maria, I’m back. How are you? :blush: I see the Forum did not change during these weeks. Always same cool fantastic threads! haha and your BAAAM phrases just to be positive :wink: maybe the new buyer was in error, who knows? @dihan_1264dm nothing can be changed. I mean “errors” are part of the system and anyway in the long run don’t change the overall stats. I mean, if you are a good seller you are good also in the stats. If you have 100 positive reviews and a couple negative. That’s fine.


Nice to see you be back here :wink:
Nowadays I don’t comment that much and mostly reading and lurking :eyes: but there are days when I just can’t keep my mouth :zipper_mouth_face:

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:grinning: fantastic. I love this Forum! thank you for your welcome back. I hope to stay here a lot more this time with no pauses. Ok… later, my friend

Communication 5
Recommended to a friend 4
Service as described 4

Then maybe you should look into what went wrong there and why client felt that you didn’t deliver service as described etc

Only buyer can request to CS change your review no other option but you can’t ask to buyer about
review because its against Fiverr policy .that’s mean it can not be changed
But my advice lot of people face this type of situation so you should forget this and move on one review will not affect much more on your account but one warning suspend your account so leave it and move on

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Thank you nadeemkhadim

Before Fiverr acknowledged that humans can make mistakes, and it was easy to fix said mistakes, like wrong reviews. But now even talking about reviews with a buyer will most likely get the message flagged. And buyers rarely notice that they may have made a mistake, unless the seller mentions it.

I guess many sellers harassed buyers about their reviews if it was anything less than 5.

The idea is to create a perfect system for freelancing, and this is done step by step, during the years. That’s what happened and why the differences you are referring to.