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Mistakenly sent a wrong delivery to wrong order

Hi Friends,

I sent a delivery to wrong order. What can I do now. If you have any experiences please share with me. I need your support immediately.


Send the right delivery and apologise for the mix-up.

No exactly I am not ready to send that delivery at all. There are 6 days to deliver it. Thank you for respond this.

Send a message explaining this to your buyer and hope they accept it and understand.

Yes I resolved this through Fiverr new resolution options. We can modify the order status into previous through that. Thank you very much for your response.

I see that you resolved it, but this is for buyers that were in the same situation:

I’ve done the same thing! I work late at night; I’m a night owl. On this particular night, it just turned 12am- mind you, my bedtime is 8-9 because I’m old :P. The embarrassing thing: the person that I sent the order to was like “Huh? What is this?”

After realizing my mistake, I sent the order to the right person and then worked very hard to deliver the RIGHT order to the mistaken person. I sent it days early because of that, but they were still satisfied. They knew that it was a misunderstanding.

My advice: DO NOT use it as an excuse to deliver your order late!!! If anything, send it a little early! If it’s really a problem, then the two of you can modify the order status, much like @kavindatk did.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us! That is really helpful.

It has happened to me once before, but my buyers are such nice people that they just laughed and understood.

Yes the buyer who dealt with me in this situation was also kind of great as yours. Just laughed and understood. So it was not much difficult me to handle. Thanks for sharing!