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Mistakenly shared my Telegram Username


The buyer asked for my telegram username and to answer quickly I mistakenly shared my telegram username immediately on chat. Will the fiverr take any action against me? Actually, it was needed to complete the seller’s task.

Thank You

Telegram is never necessary to complete any task on Fiverr. Just because a buyer wants it, doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

There’s nothing you can’t do for an order that you can’t do in Fiverr chat.


you shared it by mistake…but actually it was needed ?


Thx for replying

@cre8iveartwork By mistakenly I mean that I don’t give my Instant Messengers Username while chatting even if its needed. But today I don’t know how I forgot the terms and conditions of fiverr. :frowning:

@humanissocial … The task was to be the buyer’s Virtual Assistant on his telegram group. But yes, you are right. I should have figured out something else. But, I have done this mistake now. Will this block my account or a warning or something by fiverr.

That’s not an appropriate thing to do for a Fiverr gig.

You have no way to protect yourself. None at all.

Fiverr gigs should always be projects, not continuous retainer-style contracts. How would you even measure the scope for this job/prove you did it?

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The buyer contacted me after I offered for the buyer’s request. He has not ordered yet.

Just because it was in BR that doesn’t mean it was appropriate to do.

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Hmm you are right. :frowning: … I will take care next time… Should I start withdrawing my funds as I don’t think fiverr will allow me to do so incase they block my account?

Why would I give you advice on how to get away with money Fiverr wouldn’t otherwise want you to have?

The forum isn’t here to help you get away with doing things you shouldn’t be doing.


Okay @humanissocial. Thanks for the guidance. Much Appreciated.

Bro never share your personal details with buyer on fiverr its against its TOS

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@nishant0811. Yes bro… I will take care in future. :pensive:

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