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Mistakenly Voilate 3 time

From last 2 years i mistakenly write keyword email and sent message :frowning: .
I hope my will not get permanently ban. And if so how can i recover back ?

Well, one thing you need to really understand is that a mistake is usually once. You get a warning from CS if you’ve been in trouble for writing a disallowed word in a message. It sounds like you tried to give people your email address 3 times? If so, it’s kind of odd to give people your email address 3 times and call all of them mistakes. If there is an actual explanation for why you did it, that might be different so perhaps you can expand on what you wrote here for more advice.

If you do get banned for violations, you usually cannot get your account back. If you think you are likely to get banned, you should probably withdraw any earnings you have as soon as possible and stop selling until you know for sure. Again, though, it is hard to advise you on how to know if you are likely to get banned unless you explain why you violated the rules.

i never send my email to anyone directly on fiverr i am well aware of fiverr rules. Why would i do that intentionally like its irrational to say that i will send email and let myself get banned from fiverr, i earned reviews from hard work .

all 3 mistakes are unintentional because my typing speed is 85+ wpm and i write message and pressed ctrl+enter to send message and after sending message i regret doing that .

lastly i this time i didnt shared my email i was just saying my client that your script is not working its not sending email .

and lastly with respect, if these words are restricted then fiverr should disable send message button if someone use those words in message box. Why wasting people hard work just because they write email or pay words. These words can be used in other context too like my example :frowning:

The first time is a mistake, the second is a choice. Your WPM has nothing to do with this. Are you gazing into the distance and willfully ignoring the massive red box thing and message that shows up every time you use “bad words”?

I don’t really see why Fiverr should add in a few lines of code (that would probably break something else) because you keep making the same mistake.

Stop regretting your choices and be more mindful of what you’re doing. Simple. No violins for you!

Sorry, I disagree. Fiverr has their reasons for the restrictions but there are also exceptions, so it makes no sense to block all messages that contain the words. If the words need to be used in a specific context, it is easy to avoid a ban by writing careful.

For example, instead of email just use the word mail. The reader will know you don’t mean postal mail. Clearly, though, you are impatiently sending without double-checking what you’ve written. I would be sorry for you if that got you banned, but if it does, you may not get your account back. That’s about it.

i am very disappointed. Like instead of trying to understand or facilitate your customers they are wasting them just for these words ?
well i think everyone have their own reasons and explaination.

Sir Respectfully we are humans and its not necessary that we only do mistakes once :slight_smile: i agree that i did mistake for first time and send my address to one client but other 2 mistakes were unintentional and context of that message was other than sharing addresses .

i am a students and hardly have enough money to pay for my university. Fiverr is my only source of income. Now tell me do you think banning my account should be my punishment for using those words ? Why dont they suspend account instead of banning. There are other ways too . :frowning: :’( . Sorry but try to understand my situation

Look. You should have stopped after the first warning. You should stop after everyone is telling you don’t do that.

It’s very, very simple. You want to keep your only source of income so you’re not a tragically poor student with no money? Don’t violate the rules that you accidentally broke, and do it after the first warning.

You have advice on how to workaround the issue, so now you’re just whining. Nobody else really cares, don’t forget that. It is your responsibility to do things the way Da Man wants you to do them, no matter how idiotic you may think Da System is. If you don’t want to raise to that responsibility, you will lose the toys.

AKA, welcome to the adult world. Grow up. Your situation here is your responsibility–not Fiverr’s. Fiverr gave you 3 warnings. That’s 2 more than was necessary.