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Mistakes of GIG creation


Hi dear Fiverr family,
I am new here. So I don’t know all term and condition yet. But some important rules and regulation already read and follow it. Can any one help me to tell how many GIG I can create in a day and How many under one category like Email marketing.

And please tell me if any mistake or fault in my new created GIG.

Thank you so much.


No limitarion on niche, but I think limited number of gigs for a start.


So I can Create 5 GIG under Digital Marketing - Email creation…


Yes, you can great 5 gigs.


You can create up to 7 Active Gigs after join.

After 10 sales and 30 you may have 15 Active Gigs

It’s for beginning :slight_smile:


Try keeping your rates low for each gig you create that’s how you can build up your customers as a new seller! i wish you all the best!