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Mistreated & Harassed by Fiverr

Hello everybody!

I have been a seller for more than 2 years now and I do pretty good. I never really posted anything here but I really need help now since I really feel mistreated by Fiverr and CS is incapable or unwilling to help.

All this started on January of this year.

Long story short I had a buyer who kept asking for more than we agreed upon and kept returning the order. After I delivered it 2 - 3 times (after even adding stuff we did’t agree on) he wrote to CS for cancellation. Result was:

  1. Order Cancelled
  2. I got TOS violation for abusing “Send Button” and level demotion

I thought this is (terribly) unfair so I write to CS and they simply copy paste the TOS section of “Send Button” and “resolve” my ticked they don’t bother looking deeper just punish me and ofc they are “sorry this happened to me”.

Second episode happened around April

A buyer of mine had made an order of 5$ just writing “Hello” and nothing else with 2 day delivery. I was not really around and didn’t even notice the order. After 2 days the buyer again on his own cancels the order. It turns out he just wanted to write me but didn’t know how. I politely explain to him that his cancellation affects me negatively (1 star thing). He writes me that he is terribly sorry and he actually didn’t know what he was doing the whole time so I just told him to pls ask for the removal of the review at least since all was a big misunderstanding (I was polite the whole time and I didn’t get angry or anything). Result was:

  1. Negative feedback was removed on buyers request
  2. I got TOS violation for “Finding ways around our system” (Whatever the hell that means) and demoted again

I write to CS again as the TOS violation was completely senseless. Again they just come with some copy - pasted text and tell me not to “Finding ways around our system”.

Now it was clear to me that they don’t look into cases and they just take smth at face-value so I write a 3rd ticked but this time I asked what was going on and why they don’t investigate cases further but just throw TOS violations with ridiculous presences. The 3rd ticked was marked as “resolved” without an answer!!!

Third episode happened around a week ago

As also happened 100 times before a buyer orders without taking to me first. I always managed to complete the order in their terms anyway (I know that going to CS was hopeless) but this time I could’t since I could not physically do the order nor I could cancel it. So I write to the buyer and we agree to cancel the order and he is sorry for ordering without talking to me. Anyway I see that the buyer didn’t cancel the order so I write him and he doesn’t reply. So I deliver the order by writing “Hello?”. Finally he comes back he asked for a “Modification” and writes he is like super sorry not to have responded. Anyway he finally writes to CS the order gets cancelled:

  1. Completion rate lowered.
  2. I got TOS violation for abusing delivery button :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This time I didn’t write CS since I got used to the unfair treatment so whatever, I just let it slide my completion rate is high anyway and also they now demote you with 2 TOS violations instead of 1.

Forth and most horrendous abuse happened a couple of days ago

Out of the blue I get a notification that my main gig that I have been using for more than 2 years and with more than 240 reviews (Almost all 5 stars) has been “DENIED”. I was like WOWWWWWW WTF ??? I mean I had other gigs denied but new ones not the one I’ve been using for more than 2 years. I see that the reason was “Academic & HW gig” (The gig itself was a gig offering support and contusing with quantitative data analysis like a 1000 other gigs and not HW). I was (am) both super pissed and disappointed. This time I write to CS but super angry. I argue that this is super unfair and I ask them what the HELL is their problem with me (and a lot other curse words).

They (always as funny as they are) copy and paste the TOS text and say to me don’t do home works (WTF?) and the ticked is “resolved”.

I wrote a follow up but no response.

Now the last episode is really unacceptable I mean the other are clear unfair treatment or plain out negligence on the part of fiverr but hey we survived now this last one is some clear punitive action but I don’t understand it. If I hand’t put a 2 year effort in building my account I would leave.

So I am really confused atm. Anybody has any idea on what is going on here? Also please don’t be “sorry” CS has been “sorry” enough as useless as they are. I am really looking for a real answer here.

Sorry for the long post and thank you!


Fiverr does not issue TOS violation warnings and instant level demotions for no reason, and, the fact that they were pretty specific in their reasoning suggests that you actually did something you shouldn’t – thus making their action valid and appropriate. Did you, perhaps, click the deliver button at any time, without attaching any files? That would be against the rules.

This was, most definitely your fault. You didn’t deliver on time, the order went late, and when it does, the buyer can cancel, and you will automatically receive a 1-star “the seller did not deliver on time” review. The buyer is entitled to receive the work they paid for, and you are required to deliver it.

The fact that you tried to get a valid 1-star review removed (which you DID rightly earn by not delivering your order on time), was another rule broken. Reviews are earned, and it is against Fiverr’s rules to try to get them removed. It was kind of Fiverr to remove the review, but, as it was still a valid review, you were rightly penalized.

It is also worth noting, CS does not appreciate being harrassed about things that have already been resolved. You kept writing to CS and demanding an answer. They didn’t like that – I wouldn’t either. You earned both warnings and demotions. You really need to be aware of the rules so that things like this don’t happen. Have you read the Fiverr TOS lately?

Yes. You did violate TOS. You delivered without sending any attached work. You can’t do that either. Once again… it’s written in the rules. This isn’t a surprise, or any rudeness on CS’s part. You NEED to read the rules, and abide by them. You didn’t and you got penalized a third time.

Correct. Fiverr is removing all gigs that offer any kind of academic writing services. And they are right to do this also. Someone hiring you to do anything related to – or seen as homework – is unethical. Students should be doing their own homework, not hiring other people to do it for them.

[shakes head]

Well, unfortunately, you’re probably not going to like the “real answers”, but, you broke the rules at least three times, you harassed CS by demanding answers when they had already provide answers (which it seems you didn’t like), and then you cursed angrily instead of accepting responsibility for you actions.

Unfortunately, there are no other answers. Fiverr already provided them, and I have attempted to clarify them here. You NEED to read and be aware of the Fiverr rules/TOS.


I agree with Jonbaas on this one. Rarely does Fiverr CS do anything on purpose to spite you, and when they do, they often correct it. It has been done to me, where I got a warning for “spamming” after I reported someone else. They reversed the warning from my account and everything was A-OK.

Usually, when things like this happen time and time again, what you might need is a mirror.


@Jonbass has explained it all. I think you should take a closer look at the fiverr rules /TOS, read and understand. Sometimes the TOS is updated, for instance, the issue of delivering without attachments was recently added to the TOS. You have to follow the rules.


Why didn’t you request cancellation through the Resolution Center? Even if the buyer was unresponsive, it would have gone through after 2 days.

Surely you know that an empty delivery if a huge ToS violation?

This is the first time I see that someone tries to get an order cancelled by delivering “Hello?” It just doesn’t make any sense.


I was not trying to complete the work or anything just trying to get the buyers attention (which worked). As I stated I was unable to make the cancellation myself. What was actually my main concern was that if time ran out then the buyer would cancel on its own terms then I would have gotten a 1 star as well on top of all. Im sure some ppl here would say that I deserved the 1 star for not completing a work i couldn’t and which I didn’t agree upon.
But really this point was not important the whole CS thing is.

Also about this “huge ToS violation”. I’ve sent multiple orders as u say “empty”. I offer statistical consulting so there was nothing to attach anyway. After an hour of consulting I would send the order and simply write “Done” or “As agreed”. I understand that smashing the button repeatedly empty is an abuse but this is not the case at all.

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It’s safer to send an attachment, even if it’s a text file that states “Done”. The system is automated, it’s not like Fiverr has enough staff to check each and every order and whether the work was truly done.


Thanks for the advice but it seems that this becomes an issue only when the buyer wants to cancel. God knows why…

What are you talking about? We can cancel any order we want from the resolution center. It seems a bit that you wanted to avoid getting penalized ratings for it, which is totally a different thing.
There is an option that specifies that you cancel because you didn’t receive enough info from the buyer.

You played with fire on what you did. It would be best if you learn your lesson from all of this and amend your behaviour until something more permanent happen to your account. :+1:

It obviously happens to everyone who who is regular hard working seller. I can not even count the number of complaints like this one I read on forum during previous months. The main problem is how to explain to anyone who is willing to listen/this addresses to Fiverr admins/ that designer needs to be protected. Buying existing gigs, basic packages, blackmailing with bad ratings, in order to get premium quality, asking for personal contacts, video links, even visits, using words like chat, emotional investment, social media following, street level offences, bulling… etc… Sometimes I just do not understand what client asks from me, except to humiliate and chat. There were days with over 500 messages with no requests… and seller is obligated to respond to obvious waste of time, orders in revision with no changes asked for… I, also have to mention that there were amazing clients, very pleasant, polite, professional, people who are great to work with and great majority of them are, luckily. Yet, problems that occur with sporadic exceptions can not be solved by cancelling the order, especially if it lowers ratings for no objective reasons and especially to sellers/ designers who really work double shifts to complete the tasks and fulfill the deals. There must be some kind of mechanism that protects sellers from this sort of behavior.

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