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Misunderstanding Order

I sent a request to a buyer, he misunderstood and placed order without even contacting me. Now he is asking me to cancel the order but i don’t want my order completion rate to go down. Is this possible if we contact fiverr support and tell them the actual thing so that my order completion rate won’t go down.
please help i don’t want my gig to de rank.


Hi! I recommend that you analyze the situation as a whole, take screenshots and try to explain to yourself how it all happened. If you really think something is wrong, you can try to talk to the buyer. If he refuses to collaborate, you can talk to support. If you can explain it correctly, they are likely to help you without hesitation. I wish you luck!


How did you send an order to a buyer who didn’t contact you? Was it through BR and they just ordered without looking into it? (That can tricky since once they order it’s final - but of course both sides should know that, not just you.) The only other option (besides you messaging a seller) I can see is that a buyer wrote to you and you sent a custom offer without discussion anything (or of course they ordered through your gig but that’s not what I’ve gathered from your message. )
If you are not in the wrong I’m pretty sure that you can just contact support and they’ll cancel without much of an issue.
(If you happened to spam and the buyer decided to bite on it… That’s another story.)

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Thanks for your reply. Wish me luck.

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He posted the job regarding making a music track, i sent buyer request and mentioned that i will make the track with His vocals but i think he didn’t read that and placed order. i said send me the vocals to make music on it, he replied i want the track with vocals. I asked him to re read my offer then he said he want to cancel the order. That’s not my fault he didn’t read my offer and placed the order without messaging me. Then i asked him to co-operate not to cancel the order as i don’t want my Gig to go down.

And please can you tell me the procedure of how can i write to Support center to tell them our issue?

Hi! It’s me again. Be as succinct and truthful as possible. This should be easy if you can capture the main message in your text. For example: "I recently received an order from a buyer who didn’t understand my GIG’s proposal. As you can see in my profile, the GIG explains X, Y and Z, but the buyer didn’t pay attention to this, asked for the service and now he wants to cancel. I’m afraid it will affect my completion rate because I’ve already made the purpose of the GIG clear, but the buyer didn’t mind asking for the service and it could har me.”. I hope this helps you to get an idea of ​​what to say. I wish you luck!