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Misunderstanding With buyer! I'm in trouble Please help!

Hi, I made a whiteboard animation video 6days ago for a Buyer. And I usually charge 10$ for that type of video but after discussing I offer her $8 and she made the Order and Completed successfully.

But Today The same buyer came and Message me I want 2more videos and My budget is $8 and I thought She want 1video for 8 and after delivering her 1 video she is saying I told you to I need 2 video for 8. Now what should I do?? How can I make 2 video for just 8$ which I usually charge 10$ for 1 video. I don’t know what to do☹️

Deliver two videos since you agreed and she was clear (I need two videos and my budget is $8).

Do not mention to her you are doing extra or something in order to glorify yourself since you do not know how will she respond to that.

Once you are finished with her, ban her and never ever discount on your main price. When you are negotiating the price your only direction is up, higher from the listed price.

They want one video for $8? Tell them you do 2 for $30.


I just read @marinapomorac ‘s reply and she does have a point. So I think it’s a question of whether you mind doing 2 videos for $4 each and avoid a bad review.

What did you say in reply to “I want 2 more videos and my budget is $8”? Did you ever say you’d do both for $8 or say “yes I’ll do that for $8”?

What did you say in the offer that was accepted? How many videos did you say you’d do in that offer?

Did she send requirements for both?

I didn’t mention anywhere that I will do 2videos for 8$

Yes, But I said her that I will talk to CS about this And then she said I Will pay you don’t worry. I’m just afraid what if she gave me a bad review.