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Misuse of personal information

Hi Fiverr Community, Today I got a warning saying that I have misused my personal contact information. The warning was also saying that if I exchange my personal contact again I will not be promoted to LEVEL ONE badge and also “Days Without Warnings” goal which is necessary for LEVEL ONE badge fell to 0.

Sometimes I have to share my Whatsapp number with my buyer when I am assigned a difficult project and it need to be discussed on call. As fiverr does not provide any calling feature so I have to share my Whatsapp number with my client in order to call him and discuss the complex aspects of the projects on call. This is the reason I shared my Whatsapp number with some of my buyers just for calling purposes.

This is is totally unfair that without doing any investigation that why I shared my Whatsapp number, fiverr made my “Days Without Warnings” as 0 and sent a warning. I have worked so hard from the previous month to achieve level one badge but now at the end when 2 days are remaining fiverr made my “Days Without Warnings” as 0 and again I am unable to achieve LEVEL ONE badge. This is discouraging me so hard. What should I do now ?


Is any body there to help me with this issue ?

Basically, without express permission from Fiverr CS, the ToS state that all communication must be within Fiverr messaging.

Stick to the ToS like the rest of us have to. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S.Sorry if you get another reply from me - I copied part of your post and it’s gone into moderation.

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Can we discuss everything through messaging ?

There’s no ‘can we’ - you must! :wink:

Um… no you don’t. You are not the only Seller on Fiverr who handles difficult projects from time to time. We all do, and we do it without having to (knowingly, it would seem) contravene Fiverr’s ToS as it relates to contacting Buyers outside the platform.

You were, in my view, rightfully penalized.

Learn the lesson derived from this experience: you must follow Fiverr’s ToS at all times.

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No - all communication has to be done through Fiverr messaging, unless you’ve got express permission from CS.

Stick to the ToS - easy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the reply. I shared my whatsapp number with my client only to discuss the project on call nothing else. Fiverr does not provide any calling feature. We have to rely on Whatsapp or Skype if the project needs to be discussed on call. Also how could I contact fiverr customer support for every whatsapp communication ? I don’t know what to do now. Would I be promoted to level 1 badge even I am eligible for level 2 badge because I have already completed 60+ orders and earned $2000+.

I’ve had a look at your gigs and can’t see any need for anything but Fiverr messages.

You need to change how you communicate to suit your gigs and Fiverr’s rules.

I think programming related projects are difficult compared to video editing so I think they needs to be discussed on call.

I would suggest fiverr to also have a calling feature.

If you think so, you will have to get Fiverr Support to give you the agreement in writing. If they don’t think you “need” to call, they will say no. Then you will have to follow the rules or be banned. You will not be able to level at all while getting warnings.

You can also send your suggestion to Customer Support. No one on the forum can do anything with your suggestion.


Isn’t fiverr administration here in this forum ?

For the most part, no. They post emergency or major announcements and they occasionally visit the forum, but they don’t read most posts. The forum is for buyers and sellers.

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Okay Sir. Can I share a snapshot of my analytics here with you ? I just want to know whether I will be promoted to level 1 or not on coming 15th of June which is the evaluation date.

I don’t mind taking a look at your analytics although it should be easy to tell. If all your stats are in green you should be ready to level. It is fine if you want to send me a screenshot, but please don’t call me Sir. It is better to avoid mentioning gender and in this case you have guessed mine wrong.


Sorry for that. Here is the snapshotIMG_20180614_022538

Only Days Without Warnings stat is 0 which happened today when I got the warning for sharing WhatsApp.

So, from that screenshot you would not be promoted until you’ve passed 30 days without another warning. Your stats are not all in green at this point.

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Can fiverr support restore it if I contact them? And also how many customer support tickets can be initiated ? Does customer support charge ?