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Misusing Buyer Requests Section

As we all know competition is increasing day by day and new sellers are selling services at cheapest rate without even caring about the quality of services. Moreover they are misusing the buyer requests section.

We get 10 offers per day to send to buyers but when we go to this section and what we found is very disappointing. It is filled with new sellers advertisements. I mean they are using this section to promote their own services.

Fiverr should filter this section so that only buyers can post requests for the services they need.

yeah i also found such persons. And this is wrong way to promote

I totally Agree. Fiverr team should take action on abusing the buyer request sections.

As I told in earlier threats I alway educat those sellers by explanining to them that no buyer is looking in that section and that they are waisting their own and our time. Plus: people get annoyed by them
Until now I have 5 sellers who thanked me for the explanation and won’t do it again.

Thats great ! I appreciate it but there are lots of new sellers and it is not possible for you to keep telling them all that don’t post in this section. Fiverr must come up with an idea to fix this problem.

I am agree with your conversation. more new sellers break rules and advertise gigs in “Buyer Request” section. Thanks

I know. For now I have a message that I copy and paste. It’s very quickly done. Of course I’m don’t keep doing that. Otherwise I have to create a gig “… I will send sellers an explanation why they shouldn’t promote in the buyers request section”. OOppps, to long. lol.

i made a thread about this a while ago. We keep sharing and talking about this same issue here on the forum but not difference yet. Nothing will happen until support does something about it, and i am sure they are not unaware of this. Well, lets keep saying it until something is done about it…

Lets hope for the best.

Sure thing I Aggree

I think “Post a request” confuse new sellers and they do not realize that their post will appear in buyer request section.

yes i also want to stop this spaming.

i’m also new seller but i’m agree with you

My Number is so far ‘1’ but i will also Keep Telling these Sellers that there is no use of Promoting their business in Buyer Request Section because there are Only Sellers with Gig’s that are able to See them.

Well one person got really angry at me one time. They said, “Write an article” in the buyer request, so I submitted a quote for my service and they turned out to be writers that apparently didn’t understand what “buyer request” meant and said, “I write articles for buyers”.