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Mitch from Fiverr needs a medal

So I have no idea who “Mitch” is from Fiverr, but I sent in a query about withdrawing funds on Fiverr, and what happens if your balance were to go over a certain amount. He proceeds to tell me that: “There is no limit on how much funds you can have in your sales balance,it can go as high as you can make it,so don’t hesitate to make it rain!” He also added in a gif of a guy bathing in money.

I laughed out loud. This totally made my day, and I just wanted to comment on how darn awesome the Fiverr support team is. Yes, there are some errors on the site at times, but…who doesn’t have errors? At the end of the day, us online freelancers who have been able to quite the grindstone thanks to Fiverr would be nowhere without them.

I don’t know if Mitch will see this message, but if you do, tell your boss to “give that man a bells!” that’s what we say in South Africa, anyway.


I’ve had some great messages also from people at customer support that made my day.


You Are right .
They posted avatars ! Or gif When they see Sellers are happy from customer support.

I got a happy dance GIF last week - I swear they must all be saints to put up with us!

And as for the poor soul who responds to all the messages on Facebook - he or she deserves a medal! If you think some of the forum messages are bad, hop on over to Fiverr’s FB page!

Thank you CS