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Mitigating negative feedback


If a buyer purchases a gig then he or she is purchasing it according to the gig description. If you deliver what is described in the gig description and within the time frame outlined, then I do not feel it is fair that a buyer is allowed to give negative feedback and ruin my reputation on Fiverr. It’s that simple: the buyer buys according to the gig description and the seller delivers according to it. All is well. Seller gets 5 stars. But, unfortunately, it’s not fair when buyers expect more than what is described and then give you negative feedback when you don’t deliver according to their expectation rather than gig description. Worse than the negative feedback is when Fiverr won’t support removal of that feedback. Very unfair.


Would you not see this coming? :wink:


What, you didn’t “quickly Clairvoyantly Foretell 3 Psychic PREDICTIONS” to see that this would happen?

Maybe you could “quick cast up to 1Mx Strong Iron Clad Non Penetratable Psychic PROTECTION Shield” to protect your gigs and prevent this from happening again in the future.

Also, you should probably “do a Powerfully Perceptive REMOTE Viewing of something or someone” to find out where this perpetrator is and then “provide a Clearly Predictive DEATH Reading with Details of How You Will Die” to scare the bejesus out of them.

They’d think twice before doing it again, that’s for sure.




Are you talking about the three-and-a-half star rating? The written feedback looked reasonably positive. The feedback given probably means that the buyer was pleased but thought the information was more “general” than he/she expected. If it’s the first time s/he bought a psychic reading, the buyer may have had inflated ideas of what kind of data you pick up.


Remember that a five-star system is a graded scale. It’s not binary, even if it is treated as such in this community. Five stars would normally indicate that you went above and beyond what would reasonably be expected - not that you simply met expectations. If the buyer is new to Fiverr, he/she might not be aware of the rampant rating inflation and might believe the rating was a perfectly good score for a job well done.


Sheesh… you’re a TRS with +1.8k reviews. Sellers like you can shrug off bad reviews like water off a duck’s back.