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Mitron - I am finally a citizen of our great country :)

Aadhar Card finally got! HAAHAHAHAHA


Congrats for getting the residential card :smiley:
More VAT comin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I can pay my taxes in peace :sweat_smile:

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I wondered why I was awoken this morning to the sound of champagne bottles popping and cheers in the streets. It all makes perfect sense now. Well Done!

LOL…if only you knew…Google “Aadhar Card” and see why it’s so important :slight_smile:

Well, it sounds pretty funky, I might try and get one post Brexit. I’ve always like the idea of living in India. However, I couldn’t be done with a huge urban metropolis, I’d need to be somewhere a bit quieter where it is easy to make friends with the local fishermen. That said, it would also have to be somewhere where there are ABSOLUTELY NO BUGS OR BIG SPIDERS.

I can cope with the occasional pigeon though…

Look Cy, I mean no disrespect, we already have 1.25 billion people, you think we can have more? You can visit for a month or two like so many from your country do, but are you serious? We have enough writers in India, we don’t need more. Stay where you are. #IndianJobsForIndianPeople

(I should put some sarcasm alert here, don’t want anyone accusing me of anything, you never know these days…PEOPLE THAT WAS SARCASM)

Yes, but how many good writers do you have?




Makes sense. India did invent the world’s first and only universally adopted numerical language. Ah well, Malta it is where I am the only truly amazing writer.

I concede defeat, Writer. However, if I did ever follow my dreams to migrate to near or East Asia, my plan would be to work for myself like now, whilst also doing lots of free, morally fulfilling work like animal rescue, teaching (not English language), and local community development.

Alas, I will just have to find a country where there is a tangible lack of altruistic people.

Please be warned, however, that neither you nor the mighty Mitron, would be able to stop me if I ruthlessly seduced and married a beautiful Indian wife!

LOL…seriously, you are welcome to live in India. But the only foreigners (Americans/Europeans) who live in India are drug addicts in Goa/Himachal Pradesh or top business executives who work for MNCs - IBM, Google etc. in Bangalore and Mumbai. I had one German couple staying in the home next door on rent…they used to live like royalty, with guards, servants, drivers etc. and never spoke to anyone.

(On reflection, they were a little like someone I know…)

Congo now you can even receive subsidy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bhai, which subsidy? Gas subsidy is for those who make less than Rs.10 lakh/year only…I make well over that :slight_smile: I got it finally because they made Aadhar compulsory for paying taxes.

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You make more than 10 lakh a year? You’re one hell of a rich writer. :heart_eyes:

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Bhai tips to do kuch.

Arrey bhai…

Too late, Writer. I have already placed a big red YOU ARE NEVER WELCOME HERE cross over India in my world atlas.

Please do the same with regard to Malta and let our two countries finally live in peaceful nationalist isolation.

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No, no, you are welcome :slight_smile: YOU ARE WELCOME TO INDIA! NO SARCASM!