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Mitron...maine tax diya

Aap logon ne diya ya nahi? Jaldi karon, last date is July 31st! Varna mushkil mein pad jaoge!

(For mods - That’s Hindi, just telling Indian sellers to pay tax fast as a part of my public duty :slight_smile: )

You paid it because you earn in some lakhs over here…we don’t so never bother about it…

You must file tax returns, no matter how much you earn, otherwise it will be held against you…you must have a tax record…even if you are paying nil tax, you must file your returns…please understand this.

Visit a CA and get your tax returns filed without delay…if it’s zero tax, good enough…but you must file tax returns…one of my aunts is in big trouble because she never filed tax returns.

What is the difference between this last date and the one of March ?

March 15 is for advance tax payment…July 31st is for filing tax returns.

Though it is related to the previous thread but I am really confused now about the taxable income limit for Indian freelancer. Following your suggestions, I had a talk with a CA (who is my cousin and is in practice for a long period of time). He informed that up to 9 lakh income per year is non-taxable for Indian freelancers. I myself read the tax clause and found it to be true but so many clauses there. I, however, filed the tax returns according to his guidance but did not pay any taxes. Now I guess this problem is going to get solved because now I crossed that limit of 9 LPA (presumptive) in July and will surely get an advance audit done in September. I must admit that I am quite ignorant of this topic as I worked as an employee and tax was deducted at the source. After that, I have a golden period of receiving remunerations, not income in the form of fellowship.
Thank you for reminding us to pay the taxes.

Self-Deleted…too much information.

Self-Deleted…too much information.

This tax limit is with respect to the services’ business. This rule was enforced to increase the contribution of the services sector. The government will take it back one day. One can register oneself as a business entity (solo entrepreneur) and can claim the benefit. My cousin is waving the tax by using the same thing. I trusted him for now but will take care of this tax related stuff in the July-September period.

Lol. Information grasped and stored for future reference.