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Mitual Order Cancellation, Is it affected for My Account?

A buyer was given me two order for his two site, But Now he ask me for mitual cancellation of his order.
So if i accept his cancellation request, then it will be affected for my rating or my account?
Please response.

I think Fiverr’s “official” stance is that it does not, but some sellers say they have seen a slight negative effect…

Just last week, I myself had a mutual cancel on my 11th order - literally JUST after I got my Level One badge! - and it doesn’t seem to have done anything. It’s not even showing up under the gig’s “Cancel” column. Nor has it effected my rating and I’m still showing up in Search results where I was before, so that’s my experience. Take from it what you will.


It’s kind of irrelevant. If you’ve got hundreds of reviews and have done the work then you might feel entitled to the money and so refuse mutual cancellation because you don’t mind the bad review that will follow. If that’s not the case, then you should probably cancel anyway, irrespective whether it has an effect on your account or not.

The ToS say all cancellations have some effect but some have less effect than others.


Thanks for response. I think also it’s affect for my account, that’s why i am confuse.

Thanks. So what should i do now. i will accept or not the cancellation request?

You should accept the mutual cancellation as that would be preferred to the alternative which would be a seller not being responsive type cancellation


Thanks for response for decide.