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Mixing and mastering engineer available

Hi people, my name is Marcos and I am a freelancer mixing and mastering engineer.

If you want you can hire me using the following links, for mixing:

And for mastering:

Detail: I charge the same for mastering or stem-mastering and I classified if you want stem-mixing, please look for the second gig, as the panning will be already tweaked and even using compression, individual eq isn’t possible, FX etc… I consider this stem-mastering, so I will charge the stem-mastering value (the same as the normal mastering).

For multi-tracks, sure, the gig selected should be the first, for mixing.

I hope to work with great people and detail, I refuse to work with samples from another song and I don’t generate ISRC, for legal questions.

Thanks people!

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It’s ok, for $5 for a while to find new clients.

Cool idea, thanks for letting us know.


Thanks to fiverr about the opportunity to show my services as a mixing and mastering engineer.

Hey people, sorry for disappearing for a time, my services are still available.

Not being my main function mixing and mastering songs, but I plan to be, so for now $5 for unlimited time for promote myself, genres attended: pop, synthpop and rock. !!