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Mixing and mastering plug-ins/analogue gear


This is for all the audio engineers who love music.

What plug-ins do you use? I am using mostly Waves, Native Instruments, Slate Digital and Sound Toys. I heard UAD has some great ones but haven’t gotten a chance to demo them out. Also, if there is any outboard gear that you use as well please share.

Thank you!



I’m just commenting to say that I love that this thread is actually chit-chat and not shameless self-promotion. :slight_smile:


I use mostly stock and some stuff from Izotope. Honestly though I dont use many plugins cos my music is mostly samples- my prized plugs are all VST instruments :slight_smile:


I use T-Racks as a standalone. great plugins and analog emulations!


Reply to @sabiansoldier: I hear that Izotope has some excellent mastering plug-ins but I haven’t gotten my hands on any. I figure in the beginning for most engineers it is necessary to stick with one brand and make it work both for financial reasons and to get a grasp of what you are doing. I think a lot of people get lost in the plug-in world and start buying everything they can get their hands on. I have been looking at some Fabfilter plugs recently and I can’t say it’s not tempting :P. I am happy with what I have right now though and have spent way over my budget!


Reply to @solow13: You know I actually thought T-Racks was a joke initially until I heard one of my buddies’ mixes with it. It sounds amazing- I think after that I am never going to judge a plug-in by how it’s advertised or the design/looks. He uses all T-Racks gear and if you are interested I can send you some of his mixes with those plug-ins.

Thanks for the response brother


Reply to @itsyourthing: ok


Mostly use Waves and Logic Pro X for mixing, and send them out to be mastered. Using them along with Izotope Ozone for when customers want a song “on a budget”. @leecarso any favorite Waves plugins?


Really when it comes down to it, most daws have stock plugins that are more than sufficient to mix/ master to a very high standard if you know how to use themm…


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Hey thanks for the response. I like the SSL EQing, the Scheps 73 and the Puigtech emulating the Pultech EQ. Compression there are so many to choose from but I really like the 1176 and I do it analogue. For saturation- Slate Digital Tape Machine and Vintage Console.


I feel they don’t add any characters to the music- I used to utilize DAW plugs in the beginning when I first learned mixing ,but then I found that plug-ins and other analogue gear sounded 100x better.


Reply to @leecarso: Those are all great choices. I particularly agree with the Scheps 73, as you can really dial-in something amazing really quickly. It really adds a specific character to whatever it’s used on.


Reply to @leecarso: I’m on Logic Pro X and ever since the latest update, I’ve had to reconsider my position with their stock plugins. Their compressor choices are now totally awesome, and really sound different from what they sounded like before.


Reply to @sabiansoldier: For me personally, all that third-party plugins bring to a mix or a master is a specific character, or an analogue flavour, a warmth, etc. It is true that most stock plugins are more than sufficient for the technical work, but it seems as though everyone is after that elusive analogue feel that we remember from the past.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: The preamp on it sounds really nice as well- The UAD Neve is pretty sweet as well I actually got a chance to try it out the other day.