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Mixing and Mastering submission: question

Hey guys,
I’m brand new to Fiverr and have a question relating to the Gigs I want to put up.
I’m a mixing engineer, and so part of the requirement for the buyer is the submission of audio stems, obviously. How do I receive these from the buyer? My assumption is in the “requirements” section, but their page (and my research so far) is vague on exactly the limits of the file submission (attachment) option. Can the buyer attach a .zip folder of 100 .wav audio files? Or 50? Or just one file? What’s the limit on it; how would you guys recommend I accept multiple audio files from the buyer?

Generally only 1 GB max per attachment. You are limited to attaching 10 files at most at a time. Zip files can be attached. Most convenient probably would be a file sharing link like Dropbox, etc.

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