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Mixing/Mastering plug-ins and analogue gear

Just curious for all the audio engineers- what plug-ins do you use? I am using mostly Waves, Native Instruments, Slate Digital and Sound Toys. I heard UAD has some great ones but haven’t gotten a chance to demo them out.

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Hi leecarso, interesting thread, although I believe this post would be more suitable in the Chit Chat category, as this category is about Tips For Sellers. Just edit your post and have it moved to the proper category to help us all in keeping the forum clean and manageable. Thanks

I mostly use stock Presonus plugs in S1. Also use Izotope products like alloy and ozone which are the cats meow if I may say so.

Reply to @norrsken_marc: You’re right- I kind of realized that once I posted! Thanks man- will do.

Reply to @sabiansoldier: Izotope is supposed to be great especially for mastering- I am going to move this thread over to chit chat if you are interested in seeing how the thread pans out.