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Order streaks come and go, periods of weeks with 0 orders are common


Reply to @mgjohn78: Yes it is a coincidence… i do not believe in coincidences…

I could have had 1 sale…in 4 days.

I could have had 1 answer…in 4 day.

They could have done something against them…in 4 days…

It is not a coincidence … Soon I believe my account will be restricted only for saying all those… Unfortunately… I hope they won’t and I hope there will be justice.

I really like fiverr… But something must be done about the rule breaking


Reply to @aggelosmariospa: Its is a fact that gigs rotate in categories and search results so naturally if some sellers add multiple gig copies they will gain more exposure. CS will most likely remove them or put limits on their gigs, however due to the privacy policy they won’t let you know what they did.


Reply to @mgjohn78: I don’t see any limits taken against them 4 days now and they should see it before I did…

They keep making sales though…

If that is a limitation I would love one like this…

There is no limit and there are 10+ orders made each day.