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Moahahaha what a joke! 🤣 🙃

Sorry, the fun is out of it as my post was flagged, bummer. So, I decided to get rid of it!!

Kind regards, Humba


Hi @hum_on_the_go

Sorry to say but you need to remove the other platform’s name, it’s not allowed. :wink:


I’m really happy for you !!! :smiley: :wink:


As for me, although it’s not my “intention” to say it, I’m VERY HAPPY Fiverr banned that LEVEL 2 user. Shame on her!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rage:


Nice picture of you and your granpa :smiley: :wink:

The world is your limit, keep up with your dreams and hard work :wink:


I am happy you got everything resolved. Thank you for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope I look as good as your grandfather when I am 93! :smile:


The stress I’m under in life, I hope I look as good as his grandfather when I’m 43. :confused:

@hum_on_the_go, that pic of you and your grandpa warms my heart. What does he think about digital freelancing? My dad’s in his 70s, and finds the idea of making money from your bedroom pretty mind-blowing.


Morning @maitasun, up and shine :sun_with_face: ! When you’re awake (as our time gap is 6 hours I believe) I wish you a wonderful Venezuelan Day. Sometimes I get tired of myself with my silly words :sweat_smile::rofl::joy: Anyways, cheers, for your kind words.

Anyways, I am glad it is all sorted, and I am a very happy guy indeed. OOW, I almost forgot. Yesterday I had my 2nd order and when I woke up this morning a new order was placed. My third here on Fiverr so it is starting to go Viral (well at least I hope so).

Heads up for you! The funny thing is, I don’t even know you, but I have a good judge of people and apart from having an awesome profile, I simply love your character and your engagement here on Fiverr :crazy_face::rofl:. My point is, that if somebody here on Fiverr could make it BIG, I know for certain that would be YOU!! I wish you tons of orders, and as to your own words (except I changed WORLD to SKY) :blush:

The SKY is your limit, keep up with your dreams and hard work :wink:

Hasta luego, Humberto


Hello there @vickiespencer spencer, thank you so much. Although your words are kind and sweet I advice you not to do a body change (you’re a woman aren’t you) :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t mind me, I am silly sometimes. Thank you for your kind words.


This is a MISTAKE a LOT of people do. Some sellers do their “research” and search Fiverr to see if there are any sellers offering essay writing services. And when they find sellers offering such services… guess what? They ASSUME that such services are allowed on Fiverr when in fact they are not allowed according to Fiverr’s ToS. Then you might wonder why those gigs (that violate the ToS) are still up and have not yet been removed by Fiverr. Well, the answer to that question is probably that there are thousands of new gigs that are being created on Fiverr on a daily basis. So, it might take a while for Fiverr to catch up to all the new gigs that are being created. This means that although these gigs that violate the ToS might not be removed as soon as they are created, they will be removed by Fiverr sometime soon (sooner than later). So, you cannot really go by what you see on Fiverr or the forum and ASSUME that it’s okay to do something if you see others who are doing that. I would suggest that you source your information of what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed from the forum’s rules and guidelines (for the forum) and Fiverr’s ToS (for Fiverr).

The same applies to this situation, too. It is not allowed on Fiverr or the forum to mention the names of other competing platforms. Just because you see posts where people have mentioned it, it doesn’t mean that it is allowed (it is possible that it was allowed back then, though). And I am sure you would have understood that by now considering your previous posts have been flagged by other community members for violating the forum’s rules.


Hi there @hanshuber16, thank you for lighting this up for me. Now I know! Best regards, Humberto


I actually enjoyed this post before it was censored. :frowning:

Also, I get why it is not allowed to share links to profiles on other platforms. However, it looks a bit childish censoring the names of platforms themselves. What does Fiverr think will happen? Some kind of mass exodus?


Hi there @cyaxrex. I am confused about what or not to place here on Fiverr. It is a pity indeed.


morning @ahmwritingco. Sorry, my post is flagged. I should have listened to @maitasun when she talked about (not allowed) but then again I was out last night and didn’t read her post until later this morning. For some reason, my post was still there this morning. So I assumed it was okay until they flagged my post :roll_eyes:

It is actually funny because your grandfather’s words are exactly what my grandfather said to me when I started my work as Freelancer 2 years earlier. What makes my grandparents so remarkable is, that they still have so much energy left and enjoy life every moment of it. They are a true role-model on how I want to live my life!
I actually was about to share some more photos of grandparents with you, but I am afraid it will be flagged again.

I like @cyaxrex previous comment when he was saying…


@ahmwritingco, thank you for you for your warm words. kind regards, Humba


You’re welcome!

I am confused about what or not to place here on Fiverr. It is a pity indeed.

Everything in your post was Ok aside from the reference to another freelancing platform. Fiverr doesn’t want us to talk about its competitors on here.

You can read a list of the forum do’s and don’ts here:

Hopefully after you’ve read that, you’ll feel more confident about posting. People clearly enjoy your threads, so tweak them, but don’t stop creating them! :slight_smile:


Hi @ahmwritingco, this was exactly what I needed to do before publishing my post. I feel so silly now. Also credits to @hanshuber16 who left me a great response earlier this morning. Thank you guys so much!

Kind regards, Humba


Oh yeah, I see Hanshuber16 already wrote a post much more thorough than mine. D’oh! :smiley:


Thank you @ahmwritingco, no problem, besides more lessons are better than 1. Even a guy like me needs to get his lessons ones in a while :sweat_smile: