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Mobile app doesn't show seller analytics

Hi, today i updated fiverr mobile app (android) and i noticed that the seller analytics are no more there. The next level requirements tab, orders, earned in june, buyer requests etc everything has been vanished and its just as old version where these things were never there. i’m using version 2.3.3

if you are using an older version of the fiverr app then update it or you can remove it and then install it from google pay store.


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but i have updated it from play store an hour ago

if you are having problem with the latest version then downgrade from the current version. :slight_smile:

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sorry i don’t know how to downgrade? where can i find previous version?

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search via name and version in google and you will find the older version.

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that’s great thanks for the help

It may be a bug, wait until Fiverr updates the app.

Downloading older versions of the app or any other apps from unknown sources is potentially dangerous. That is the reason why Apple doesn’t allow to install apps other than from it’s app store. Google allows it, but not recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

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won’t be doing that i’ll wait for update thanks a lot

Delete it and reinstall it.

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will that work…have you tried it or somebody else tried it?

I might be a bug, but it was the same for me in the first hours, later the seller analytics reappeared, you might check whether you are viewing as buyer or a seller

omg that solved my problem i just now view it as a seller thanks a lot :+1:

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