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Mobile APP For Your Website For U$5? Or For FREE?

Hello Fiverrers,

I’m so exciting with this new gig I just created, I have been on Fiverr for 8 months with other non-related gigs. But now I have a team and I decided to give the users something we all need at some point when creating a business: a MOBILE app, for iPhone or Android.

As you may know, an iPhone or Android app can cost a lot of money, but we are on Fiverr… So, let’s do the magic!

A Mobile App for just U$5… But the best part is that I will give this gig for FREE to some users. If you want it, keep reading.

You just need to write a message in this discussion saying why I should develope an app for you for FREE.

I will choose one user of every 50 participants. This means, for every 50 messages of different users 1 will be the winner. If the discussion has 150 messages of different users I will choose 3 winners and so on. Also, if the discussion has just 10 messages I will have to choose 1 winner of those 10.

My decision will be taken according to what you write (creativity, funny, etc.) and in a random way.

I will choose the 1st winner on February 1st, 2014.

This is of course to promote my gig but also to show how good is my team doing this work.

See you.


No one needs a Mobile App?? Woww that is impresive!!

Unfortunately, since no one is interested this promo is FINISHED! Thanks