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Mobile App Gig Description Spacing


Some people’s gig descriptions on the mobile app have correct spacing but mine don’t for some reason. On the desktop version everything is spaced out just the way I want it viewing it on the mobile app it doesn’t have the /enter spaces and it’s all shoved into one paragraph. It just looks bad! Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I don’t want to bother CS with something so trivial but it seriously bugs me!



I’m seeing this too! I have my Gig Description looking perfect on my desktop, with 1 line spaced between each paragraph. When I look at it on the Android app the next paragraphs are simple on the next line, with no 1 line padding between them.

Just to experiment, I added 2 lines of spacing between each paragraph, and then observed these results:

mobile had the 1 line spacing between each paragraph, desktop had 2 line spacing between each paragraph (which didn’t look good either).

Can we get these to be more consistent?


Funny you brought this old thread up, because I have the same issue. 2 lines on desktop and 1 on mobile. I can’t seem to find how to get them only 1 spaced on both. Hopefully we can figure it out.


Still a problem in 2019 but found a semi-complicated way around it such that 1 line space on mobile = 1 line space on desktop

Here’s the steps:

  1. Put the 1 line space in wherever you want.
  2. Click to the left of the first/starting character in the paragraph above the line space
  3. Press “Enter” twice, so there should be two lines of space made above that paragraph
  4. Then click at the top line of the two consecutive lines of space you just made and press “Delete” twice
  5. The text may look like it’s just changed size on screen, which is good. Save now.
  6. Refresh the gig page on desktop and mobile and you should have 1 line of space below that paragraph for both Desktop and Mobile.


click backspace at the end of every line then cliak enter button again at the end of every line. Now your problem is solved