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Mobile app improvements

1.A tab to create gigs on mobile app.So basically the BE SO EASY if you create that tab for mobile app.
2. When responding to buyer requests , I’d want an option to choose a gig and respond rather than using automatically chosen one.
3. when you receive a message on fiverr app, you should be able to know that this is a response to your buyer request offer like the way it shows on desktop.

Guys suggest some more improvements!

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Well, the new push notifications are abysmal for the most part; I miss the old ones.

Now you just get a bunch of generic, meaningless “Order Updated” messages to a number of different order-related events. What is worse is that even when you open the app to see what this “update” is, sometimes you can’t even tell, e.g., when the order is automatically completed, you can’t tell what happened by looking at the order unless you REMEMBER that that particular order did not have the “completed” status before.

Yes, the app has become pretty useless just lately.
You can’t view requirements on a new order.
And if the order is 24 hour delivery, you immediately get a big red warning that time is running out as soon as the order is placed. And of course, you can’t see the requirements.

The new “available now” functionality requires that you have the app. Pointless if you can’t view the requirements.