Mobile app or Disktop browser


I am Graphic Designer. I was wondering that I always use fiverr from my mobile app. I mean I respond to messages, recieve orders and deliver pakages from my fiverr app. I use desktop browser when it is important which means I use it after 10 days for once.
So my questions is that is there any effect of doing this. Is it a good idea to use app totally ?
Thanks in advancešŸ˜Š


The app was created for easy usage and as so, there is no issue in not visiting the webpage even for 30days.


Using both is a good idea. If youā€™re not at home, the app will be super handy if you want to keep your response rate very low, for example :slight_smile:


thanks you very much


thank youu very much


I would like to tell you a thingā€¦ bcz one time one of client ask for my mail addressā€¦ with the app it doesnā€™t show the massage when typing the restricted wordsā€¦ So you have to care about those things.

Wish you all the bestā€¦!!!


Yes I will be carefull