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Mobile app update, seller mode!


Looks like the mobile app is updated and brings us two new things:

Dedicated seller mode aaaaaand level requirements right on the dashboard.

Those KPIs are the first things you see now!

Ugh that typo on order completion is killing me!


Did you get a notification saying you were demoted?
I did - but demoted to Level 2 which is what I was already :smiley:
This does look good though.

I Just Got Demoted From Level 2 to Level 2! First Victim I Guess!


Really? You got a notification on the app??


It’s still there!

I Just Got Demoted From Level 2 to Level 2! First Victim I Guess!

That’s weird.

Oh boy, the level checking system is already bugging out and we’re not even there yet.

I need to stock up on pop corn for the 15th.


Come on, its 2 days away - everything will be fixed by then.
You know how Fiverr fixes everything straight away.

Also, you might want to work on your blacking out skills - it looks like your black marker is running dry.


@frank_d nice avg. selling price man. You might wanna take @eoinfinnegan’s advice :wink:

Luckily I didn’t get it on Android. Let’s hope even if some people get hit unfairly CS would be willing to own their mistakes and do the right thing…right?

I am so tense, I’m like one review away from the big 1K so I really wish nothing bad happens this month,


Oopsie daisy!

Screenshot removed for now so this topic is not derailed.

Thanks for the heads-up @ssj1236 @eoinfinnegan

Screenshot replaced with something safer.


:pushpin: Eoin pinned this post. Now, watch how people don’t read. smh
A few app posts will appear overnight, while I’m :zzz:. :rofl:


nice profile best of luck


Me too. It´s a bug. A not “really nice” bug, imo…


It would be more fun if this bug mistakenly moved people up a level!

Someone on the tech team probably couldn’t resist trying it out as a joke, or his finger slipped and hit the wrong button. When you build a new toy like this you just have to try it out.


LOL :joy:

A bunch of happy TRS and PROs galore. I mean only if it’s for one day! :grin:


This happened to me, I thought “well okay fine by me , I’ll go from level 2 to level 2” :laughing: