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Mobile app works very bad, any news?

Hello, last 2 days mobile app working very bad. Its my divice problem, or app has really problems?

No. It is working very well in Android Platform. I am running on 5.0.2.

I have android 6.0 and something not working good

It is working fine. May be there is an issue with your cellphone.

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What’s the issues you have with the android app?

When I’m refreshing the app is still loading. I thoght it’s wifi problem, but when I go in fiverr with internet browser, works great.

Please try force stop the app, then run it again.

I will try, thank you

The same problem :frowning:

Have you the latest version of app?

Oh… no :smiley: Now I am updating, hope its will work now


I am still using the old version & Perfectly working.