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Mobile Banner Design


I need a banner created for a website. I have several images that I will be providing the seller to combine.

I’m not sure what to call it, but the banner needs to combine all the photos and it will be moving from right to left in a continuous loop.

As an example: the banner will be approximately the size of the black fiverr bar you see on this forum.

I need to know two things:

  1. Pixel/size of the images and is there a limit to how many images for maximum effect;

  2. What keyword do I search for the when it comes to finding the seller who would be able to do moving portion (I hope this makes sense as I do not know what to call it)

Do I need to hire a 3rd seller, if I need music added?



In the forum, we have two different type headers, one in the home page and another one can be found in post/threads.
It’s call Scroll header. ( actually I’m not too clear what you looking for, but you mentioned about forum banner (header?) so I mentioned, hope it helps )