Mobile not showing extras until buyer places an order...?


So what’s the point of having extras when the buyer can’t see them prior to purchasing? The mobile platform doesn’t show extras until someone places your basic gig order…pretty stupid if you ask me, extra orders WAAAAAAY down because of this. Change it.


Can you not say on your description what your gig extras are, or perhaps add them to your FAQ?


Why should you have to do that and take up description space when the extras are what made Fiverr so profitable???


OK - it was just a suggestion.


Not a good one…lol


Not nice to be rude when people are trying to be helpful.


Hi There,

I understand your frustration. I added my extras to a PowerPoint slide, exported it to a .Jpg file, and then uploaded it to my gallery. My extras now show up on the mobile and desktop versions as a picture. Maybe, this suggestion will help you.


What were you intending to do with that extra description space that you don’t want to use???


You must have took it the wrong way, I put lol. Thanks for the constructive input to the thread…?


More description…of course :wink:


That’s solid advice, just seems they didn’t have to remove them as it was fine where they were don’t ya think?


Aren’t gig extras part of your description? :confused: