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Mobile Phones - Fiverr App doesnt show notifications

The Fiverr iOS app suddenly stopped showing any notifications and using the Gmail on iOS Fiverr Messages are missing and blank. am i the only person with this problem?

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you are not the only one. I’m facing the same problem for a long time. Sometimes it shows notification, sometimes not. Sometimes it show notification of message, but sometime it shows only completed order.
I don;t understand what is going on with Fiverr app so i always have to check my mail, can’t wait for notification from Fiverr app

Uninstalled and Reinstalled worked!

IOS App not showing notifications

Re-install the app and issue will fix…!

It’s been a long time I am struggling with this useless app. It signs out automatically and then I can not sign in… It shows messages but ringtone never rang… no notifications sometimes and many other problems. Fiverr support has no resolution for it.

I am losing my clientele because of it.

my fiverr profile on weblink also doesn’t show any notification and gives that “No Notification”, please somebody guide me how to sort out this issue.

Dear friends, i install my fiverr android app yesterday but in 24 hours there are not showing a single knock from buyer or other complete works notifications. On the other hand in my laptop everythings is ok. So how can i fix my android fiverr app.
Note: My Android fiverr app version is 2.1.3

The app is a bit buggy on a whole.

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same issue from android

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