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Mobile verification


Hey there.

Since 7 days I’m trying to verify my phone. I’m living in Austria and I’m entering my number correctly, but it doesn’t recognize it and I always get this annoying “Something was wrong with your number, check again” message…

I contacted the support three times and they always told me to delete my cache, try with new browser, etc…

I did EVERYTHING, deleted all my browser settings, tried it with 3 other browsers, tried it on a new PC, new IP, new location, new number…

If I get another reply from the support to delete my cache and try it with Chrome, I’m going to set my PC on fire :frowning:

Could anybody of you help me maybe?

Phone verification not working - Not able to input the code in boxes

If you are still having trouble with verification you should contact Customer Support:
How to Submit a Support Ticket.

Forum users can offer general advice but cannot resolve verification issues.