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Mobile view for the attachment from Buyer Request

I would like to suggest for the Mobile App of Fiverr.

I usually go through the Buyer Request, Sadly. I can’ view attachments because it doesn’t show upon Mobile App ‘Buyers Request’ section that I have to open my PC if I got interested with one Buyers request because of no access on viewing attachment while using mobile phone.

Not sure if this is a trouble shoot that I can’t manage to see the attachment of every buyer on the Buyer Request. Just inform. thanks.

Hello, this has been done in android app version 1.6.x. Go to Google play store and update your fiverr app and you will see this issue resolved as well as the many new features.

I have Iphone.

hey…is there any solution for this? I’m having same issue!

You are replying to an old thread. Just an FYI, the mods don’t like seeing old threads pop up in recent activity.

Did you try updating the app?