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Mod Question For All Users

During our weekly 6 hour meeting, your 3 favorite mods discussed many topical issues regarding the forum while consuming so many stolen Fiverr cookies and Fiverr coffee (yes, it is green) that they cannot allow the site to go down for a month or they will not have any for themselves.

One of the major discussions was regarding the issue of tip posts being repeated over and over. On the one hand, it is nice to see people engaging, on the other hand many people dislike “the good stuff” being lost among lots of tip posts. In the end, we decided that in future, we will amalgamate the repetitive tip posts into one vast array of tips for all to gaze at in wonder.

Here is where you come in.

We have chosen 5 potential names for this tip laden thread and we need you all to vote for your favorite.

  • Throwback Tips Thread
  • Graveyard of Tips
  • Often Mentioned Tips
  • The Most Popular Tips According to Number of Times Posted in 100 Years
  • Evergreen Advice - Retirement Home for Tips

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There are tips that are really excellent and tips that are almost or completely worthless, such as ones copied from other sites.

A certain poster for instance who reads tarot cards is my favorite for the tips he posts as well as a few other truly excellent sellers. How will these be categorized so the most useful ones will stand out? I like to refer back to the good ones sometimes.

There are other tips from ambassadors too that stand out.

Good Tips Bad Tips

Don’t worry. This thread is for a specific type of tips post. You won’t have any trouble still finding the ones you mentioned in their usual places.

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Absolutely, as Fonthaunt said above, the aim of this is to maximize the exposure for good, new, relevant and original tips and to de-clutter the tips for Sellers category to make it easier to find the ones we all like.

I admit to doing spam hearts at first one night when I was bored.

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  1. Tips Redux. 2. Tips- A- Poppin. 3. Tips Tips and More Tips 4. In Tips We Trust
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I’ve read a few truly great tips, most notably the recent one from an ambassador about how to have your deliveries show selectively and now don’t know how to find that one again.

I would like a folder to keep them in or some way to save them on the forum for my personal reference.

“Five Star Tips” — that could be a subcategory

The other thing I see regularly that makes it tough:

A large set of tips from people who have 50 or 100 ratings. From my POV, maybe that’s “Tips that got me to Level 2” or something similar, but hardly something I’d consider “Best practices” or “From the voice of experience”…

I’m not saying those levels are trivial. The first 100 ratings are not easy, but I see so many from people just getting past Level 2 and thinking they have arrived or they have it all figured it. I find it even more amazing that some who have 20 ratings are posting their tips too…

I don’t know the answer… from a mod POV, but most of those are hardly seasoned pros assisting others.

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I agree. What is great about the community is that those posts you mention are always looked over by users and mods to ensure the info is correct. If it isn’t, then it can be edited, removed or commented on. I do see value in those posts at times as I sometimes see things I had forgotten about or especially tips regarding Buyer Requests which most seasoned sellers don’t use any more.

@emmaki the all encompassing post we are planning to set up will contain mostly those tips which have been relentlessly shared, those copied from elsewhere, those from new users etc. We will use discretion when moving these posts as we do respect the fact that people spend time on them. However, in order to ensure that the unique and original tips are also seen, it is important to de-clutter the category. It may not make everyone happy but at the same time, it will ensure that the most valuable stuff is available which is probably a key aim of having a forum in the first place.

tthat post will be ignored by newbies and they will still make a new post asking why they are not getting orders after a week or two.

To Summarize:
We don’t believe this will be THE answer to all problems but it will definitely reduce the clutter in Tips for Sellers and make the better tips stand out. We do pin a lot of tip topics but there are only so many that it is practical to have pinned. There are many other things we can do to improve the forum and make it work better for everyone.

The fact is that this community is growing quickly and new people are coming on board daily. It has been great to see people engaging more and more and even more buyers using the forum too. With this in mind, we need to try out some things now and then, like this idea, to keep things running smoothly. With a lot of the spam reduced and auto removed, it allows more time to focus on improving the forum, rather than just maintaining it. For this to be effective we need feedback like @emmakis and @lisabaarns’s to make things happen.
So keep the ideas coming in, either here or in Forum PM.

New ideas that are of good and of help should be appreciated and brought on board in the most progressive manner. @lisabaarns

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Why don’t you create a youtube video that every seller must watch when they post a new gig. Update the video as things change over the years.

I volunteer @emmaki as the spokesperson on the video


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Crap rap or amusing parodies? Your choice!

@emmaki watch this video, I found one of the results funny, I fell off my bed laughing.

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Pitch it to staff :slight_smile:

I am not flying to Israel to have lunch with Fiverr staff.

I thought you like to travel :smile:

You can always submit a ticket


  1. Create a post talking about marketing yourself and why you are getting no orders in the first 2 weeks
  2. Pin the post to the top
  3. Delete all future “why am I not getting ordfers” post
  4. Send Miroslav $44,000 USD
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If only the ones who post that question would READ something on the forum —
but they do not. They think they are the first one to ever post that.