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Moderation and Buyer's Improvement


Hello everybody

Been on this site for a few years already and sadly what i’m going to say is quite bad, Buyer’s quality is going down the drain everyday… What do i mean?

I’ve seen how the buyer request boards is filled with completely ridiculous request, this is what i see every day… So i do Website design and this is just out of this world, these kind of clients are not only destroying the market but making this site’s quality to reduce significantly… We (The sellers) should and MUST have a way to report this kind of behavior to get this requests out of the buyer’s board…

These 2 are just examples that i found checking the board like i do every day, i read this kind of things every single day, i know fiverr is famous for having cheap things and gigs from 5$ but we’re talking about whole websites (and some other markets) and this “buyers” are requesting this kind of services for such a low amount that is actually really insulting to be honest…

What do another fellow sellers think about this?

I’ve seen some ways to improve sellers quality like levels, ratings, “pro” profiles but i’ve seen the buyers quality going down every day with no way to stop it…



Buyers have the freedom to spend how much ever they want… Be it $1000 or $1…

Fiverr cannot stop such buyers from posting ridiculous buyer requests where they ask for a piece of the moon for $5. Use your discretion. You can choose to either respond to them or just ignore them.

How are you being affected? Are these ridiculous BRs affecting your business in any way? If not, why be fazed by them? Just ignore them. :slight_smile:


They actually do affect mine (and whole business in general) by lowering the prices with such a ridiculous requests…

Also i do not think what i’m asking is completely crazy because we should have some kind of way to get rid of this kind of “clients”,it helps both fiverr and us as seller to improve the buyer’s quality… People accepting this kind of insulting gigs is actually bringing prices down on the market…

Yes i know, you get what you paid for and that’s exactly what they will going to get but in general, having those kind of BR’s on the board made it look completely unprofessional… If fiverr wants to be taking more seriously and attract better and more professional sellers and buyers this has to change, we all know other different freelancing platforms (i’m not going to name any of them) that takes this kind of messages seriously to improve the site market and prices…

We all know fiverr prices are completely out of range with real market prices, in the end, helping the sellers to get better and more professional clients will help both the seller and fiverr for the simple reason that they will be making more money on the platform which means more earnings for the site.

There should be at least some kind of way to report this type of BR’s to get them out of the platform.

Something else that i’ve noticed, some of these low quality buyers actually attach infected viruses on the messages, i’ve seen this before on my board and this forum has several messages about attached files with viruses…


I beg to differ. There are always going to be sellers who are willing to do the job for even $1. That does not drive down the market price in any way. It is up to you to decide how much you want to charge. Just like how there are sellers for any price, there are buyers for all prices too (as long as they are reasonable and match the quality of work you deliver).

Besides, BRs are only there for giving a helping hand in case you do not have any orders/customers of your own. It is not a good idea to completely depend on them. If you are serious at what you do, and if you want to be successful, you would not want to depend on them. Also, as I have already mentioned, BRs DO NOT have any impact on the market value of the product. There are always going to be $1 buyers as well as $1000 buyers. You decide!

Like I said before, BRs should and do have the freedom to ask for any price they want. If you do not want to do that job, that’s totally up to you. However, this cannot be considered a lost business opportunity because the budgets of such buyers do not meet your expected remuneration. You do not even consider such buyers worthy of your quality of work and experience, right? So, they do not affect you in any way. They should be as good an invisible/non-existent to you.

If you are not willing to work for these “low quality buyers,” how does it matter what they attach? Besides, it is always wise to have an updated and secure antivirus software and scan all attachments before you open them. If Fiverr is not doing a good job at it, do it yourself. If your computer gets infected, no amount of complaining is gonna undo the effect of the virus.


how can they imagine that he/she will get a complete website creation with $5


I bet there are many desperate new sellers out there who are yearning for a chance to prove themselves. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were willing to do the job for even $1 (if possible).


may be aliens…


Perhaps they simply don’t understand the difference between installing Wordpress for $5 which the OP offers, and having a website built?

No - just buyers who don’t know the complexities of what they’re asking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you look around Fiverr, you’ll find sellers willing to do exactly what was requested for the budget. :wink:


When I respond to Buyer Requests, I never pay attention to the budget. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I quote the buyer what I usually charge for the service they are requesting :sunglasses: and I “sell” my gig by pointing out why the price charge is a good deal. :wink:

I do not hear back from every Buyer Request that I have made an offer on, but I have several regular customers whom I found there. :blush:

One Buyer in Buyer Requests was requesting a large number of words to be proofread for $5 :moneybag: and wanted :five: revisions. I quoted him my regular prices and said I offered :one: revision because most buyers never even needed the first one. Today I delivered that buyer’s 5th order. :slightly_smiling_face:

So value your self and your work and educate your prospective clients on why you are worth what you charge. If they do not book your gig and go with someone who works for $5, they deserve the quality of work they receive! :zipper_mouth_face:


Hello, just ignore these. People can ask for someone to make them a site for $5 if they choose to. And if someone wants to do that it’s up to them.

Let people be free to ask for what they want at a price they want to pay. It doesn’t harm anyone or anything.

Sorry but this is not true. People are paying web designers over $1000 on fiverr.

I assure you that fiverr is taken very seriously by people who spend a lot of money for websites and there are many very professional sellers and buyers.

I can think of two site designers as I write this who charge over $1000 for making a website on fiverr. They stay busy.


Yes and what better way to get great reviews and establish yourself. If you have never had a review you have to work for $5 for a while until you build up a reputation. Most long term successful sellers have done this. There is nothing wrong with it.

It’s a great way to show people what you can do and if you get some great reviews you can then increase your prices.


I know, we all get these guys who want the world for 5 dollars and expect unlimited customer support after the job is done. What you can do is recognize such buyers and not communicated with them. Politely tell them sorry, this is not what you do.
Explaining them goes nowhere, they would not understand how much work is needed for their project.


Even though I’m focusing on a different niche, I’m in the same category as you so I figured I might as well share my view :slight_smile:

  1. As Hans said, you cannot dictate minimum price. While you think $5 is a low amount I’m sure there are others thinking your prices are too low. For example, giving away Elegant theme lifetime license for $5 is ridiculous and hurting the Divi community. If others would do the same then at some point Divi simply wouldn’t have the finances to develop their platform. So you’re actually hurting Divi theme development with your low price and because of this they will probably shut down lifetime license pretty soon. Besides, if selling a license is the best value you can offer then it’s just sad. It requires no skill. Be better than that and focus on selling actual solutions to your clients. :wink:

  2. People looking for $5 websites shouldn’t affect your business.
    What happens when a business sets up $5 website? In most cases they don’t make any sales.
    What happens then? They start looking for a better service and they will be over the moon when they find a semi-decent developer.

That being said, I do think that Fiverr should take some control over the BR section. If buyers get 2-3 bad experiences then most likely they won’t come back. And not all buyers are looking for cheap websites. Some of them simply don’t know what a decent website costs.

So I do agree that Fiverr should spend a bit more time educating buyers how to find a good seller who can actually deliver. However, the key here is education not limiting what sellers can or can’t do.


At this point (and for a VERY long time) BR is my only source of income because of fiverr’s HORRIBLE listing algorithm, me (and also my brother) have perfect rating 5.0 lvl 2 profiles, our gigs are NOWHERE listed on our categories, he has over 100 orders more than me but he does something different, in the meantime i have to see newer profiles being shown on the listing while mine is never there so…

Yeah i never pay attention to their budget either (except for the kind of messages i posted) but at least on my niche is a bit more difficult to sent them a good quote because most of the request are very vague like " I want a website for a car company", i might be able to give them a price for this but i have next to zero details about what needs to be done for the project and buyers don’t really like when you tell them “yeah what you’re asking will cost you “x” amount more”… Which is something else i do not like about the BR board, i would like a way to actually contact the seller without being forced to send them an actual quote, just normal message to start a conversation with the clients that might be good, talking about a bit more about their project, what needs to be done and how, which kind of problems are they facing at this moment and how i can solve these issues…

This GIG was actually never intended to sell the license (which i do not do) but to attract the type of clients that actually want to build a website using Divi as their theme and offer my services to actually build their websites… And as you could see, it never worked and it’s completely abandoned, i did got some messages about it but i never sold any license for the theme as i do understand it’s not good…


We take a look in the Buyers Request section every once in a while. We try and keep our approach positive like some others have mentioned above, but a snapshot of today’s VoiceOver Buyer’s Requests include;

  • Someone who wants almost an hour of dubbing for $10
  • Someone who wants a 30,000 word book narrated for $25
  • Someone who wants 200 words for $5, but wants people to ‘audition’ by submitting a part of the script

All of the above include something along the lines of “budget is fixed, don’t bother messaging if more expensive”.

We also find that in our niche, the Buyer’s Request is FULL of people who are clearly creating an end product for someone else, and VO is part of their offer (animation videos etc). Their tight budget is because they’ve promised the entire video for $20. Half the time, our price for just the voiceover is more than what they’ve charged their end client for everything.

We’re having an EXTREMELY quiet November compared with October, but rather than trudge through the Buyer’s Request, we’re just going to enjoy the quiet and use the opportunity to focus on some of our other business areas that were neglected last month.