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Moderation Request with No Information

I delivered an order & my buyer “requested modification” but didn’t give me any information on what they wanted fixed. What do I do? I asked what they needed modified but no answer. What if they never answer???


If they never answer, your Gig will run late and the buyer will have an opportunity to leave a 1 star review.

It may be better to cancel the order.

Ask twice. No response? Redeliver and explain the situation . If they blow a gasket, customer support.

I worked very hard on it so I really don’t want to cancel.
I really need the money too.
I did everything the person said.
Is there a time limit for delivering modified work?
How long can I wait until they can cancel?
CAN they cancel?
There are so many questions…
I did everything asked of me.
I am afraid this buyer will just take my hard work & run with it by canceling!?!
How am I supposed to protect myself from wasting my time with this sort of thing?

Is there a place I can ask official Fiverr workers or something about this?

I am scared that all anyone has to do to get free work on this site is:

  1. Order.
  2. Wait for Seller to Deliver Work.
  3. Tell Buyer to Modify Work, But Give No Instructions.
  4. Cancel & Walk Off - With The Work & Money In Your Pocket!!!

Is this true!!! How do I protect myself?

The buyer never gets free work unless you agree to refund their order. If they process a modification request, but don’t provide any details for that modification, just redeliver the file that you originally sent them, explain why you are redelivering rather than completing any modifications, and move on.

You can never be taken advantage of, unless you allow the buyer to take advantage of you.

Thank you, that eases my mind. Does delivering modifications have a time limit or should I resend the original files as quickly as possible?

The clock is ticking on your order. If at all possible, deliver before the deadline.