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I’ve only been on fiverr for a little over a month. I had one customer whom I did 3 gigs for, doing exactly what he had asked and pleased with the first 2, and then gave me a 3.5 star rating stating I left him with more work than he started with. Ugh!!! That lowered my rating from 100%!!

Now, I had a customer who ordered a gig with lots of work for $5.00. She ordered it on Thurs. This morning, I left her a message stating that I apologize that I was not able to work on it because I had spent the weekend with my family because my father was diagnosed with cancer. I informed her I would need a couple of days to deliver the work. She cancelled it with no reply and gave my a poor rating and wrote a review stating I did not deliver on time and had to cancel. I understand I didn’t deliver on time, but for goodness sake, she just could have cancelled and not given a poor rating and review. She didn’t even communicate with me from the beginning! Now, my rating is like 92%!! I’m afraid this is going to hurt me getting gigs! And, what makes it worse, I am not able to leave a response to her review. I would like to explain “my side” to the buyers who read the reviews.

I do have a couple of questions. This buyer purchased on one of my gigs that I have only done a few jobs on. If I delete the gig, will this delete this review/rating and up my rating % ? (I only have 3 gigs.) And, can a buyer see how many jobs you have in your “To Do” list or if you are late on any?

Any advice on how to raise my rating % would be greatly appreciated!

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