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Modification after delivery?

Hey, really quick if anyone around
does modification after the delivery affect the gig in front of fiverr algorithm?


If you mean revisions, I do not think anyone here knows for sure.

I don’t know if this is a revision or not, but I’ve finished and delivered the work, then the buyer told me if you want to put your work in the portfolio I can ask for modification!

There is no revisions in that gig, but I preferred not to do it because maybe the algorithm will see it as uncompleted work, but wanted to make sure, thanks for your answer though


No man, client asked that if your work you put in your portfolio in your gig then client will request you for modification. Only you can decide its will be add in your portfolio or not? Please keep in mind when you deliver your work you can add any image in your portfolio and it should be not any type of copyright image. As your client not wanting to add her images in your portfolio so you can add another images, that’s easy task man :wink:, one more things is that when you deliver please make sure its last uploaded image. Hope you understand.

yeah I know this.
I’ve gotten permission from him, but delivered without uploading the image so he told me he can request a modification and I resubmit(normally I deliver all the work and be in good terms with the client before press deliver)
but I didn’t know if it will have a bad effect in my gig from the algorithm point of view or not?

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